A Job, a Life and Me

What kinda job is this?
I have a lot of hotel rooms but no place to stay
Been to anywhere in the world but never been home
See every strangers in the corner and not the one I loved

What kinda life is this?
Looking at the time like it’s gonna eat you any second
Sleeping like a baby can cause a death sentence
and having your voice out could lose you a future

What kinda person I am now?
Everything have to be precisely perfect
Like anything could go wrong anytime
and nothing can pleased me anymore

I changed
from a small girl with a big dream
to a big girl with a small dream

I dream a castle, white horses and carriage no more
I dream a hut, a tomato seed and you now

Then I stop dreaming
and I start living
and I start drowning
into a world they called, reality
into a world where everybody is the Prey
where everybody is the Hunter
and I’m lost in between

So I took a journey in a search for love
And I found out in my years of hurts and happiness
That I can only love God
for God is the only way out
Grasp tight and you’ll find
That the love never runs out

#2028 Milano,
2011, 4th of June


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